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 Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

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Creator Genesis
Creator Genesis

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy XIII Versus.   Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:36 am

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Characters

Noctis Lucis Caelum

The protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, he is believed to be a tragic hero, like Hamlet. In Latin, the name "Noctis Lucis Caelum" means "Light Night Sky". Nocitis is the next in line for the throne of the land he protects. Specifically the Prince protects a crystal of some great importance. In the trailers the Prince is seemingly emotionless, but incredibly brutal. Breaking necks, gory impaling, Noctis spares no effort in battle.

Noctis' weapons are quite unique, and should make for quite a large part of the game play variations in the game, as he has many, many weapons at his finger tips. He doesn't carry or sheath his swords or holster his guns, they're simply with him. He seemingly wills them into materialization in an instant, dozens of them, rapidly. The amount of weapon switching seen is simply mind boggling.

???? - Glasses Guy

Likely one of the Prince's aids along the Shotgun Guy and the Scar-eyed Guy. He has been seen in scans and as of yet not-public trailers, walking with Noctis, and driving him around. He's seen in a suit and glasses.

???? - Shotgun Guy

This character seems to know how to live a little. Head locking Noctis and full of smiles, we can expect this guy to be full of personality. His weapon of choice is a shotgun, hence his fan nickname.

???? - Scar-eyed Guy

This character seems to be the brawn of the Prince's posse. He has slicked back hair and a scar over one eye. He is also seen head locking the Shotgun Guy.

Stella Nox Fleuret

Stella has been described as an unfortunate enemy of Noctis, as in, the two likely don't want to fight one another, but they must simply due to their allegiances. In Latin "Stella Nox Fleuret" means "Star, Darkness". She is the only confirmed enemy character for the game so far, with virtually no other detail known.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Story

The setting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII reflects our world today, and it's "ugly issues". Versus is darker, more close to home emotional story, or so that is the vision Square Enix has told.

The main character in Versus is a Prince, the heir to the throne, the thrown to the last Kingdom where the crystal was held. The Kingdom is modern and advanced much further the outside world, to the point that they've basically isolated themselves within. The city nation is said to be protected by a Magic Order, whom must stand against an invasion in the Kingdom. This fight over the last crystal is said to only be the beginning of a new generation.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII shares many similarities with the story of Hamlet. With even a quote from the story in the original trailer. Little else is know about the story of Versus at this point.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Battle System

Not much is known about the Final Fantasy Versus XIII battle system. However The game will be an action RPG, and it will most likely be a similar style to the Kingdom Hearts Series since it is made by the same team.

There will be familiar FF weapons used in the game, such as classic Swords and Modern Guns. From the screens shown from the E3 2006 trailer, you can see that there is going to be magic used, since the main character appears to be levetating many swords in the air.

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Admin Genesis
Admin Genesis

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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy XIII Versus.   Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:22 pm

I've always loved the FF series, but the gmaeplay I've not found that much fun. The new one, XIII is good as it's a mixture between real time and turn based, but this one seems like it's gonna be pure Action. And it says the gameplay's gonna be like Kingdom Hearts?!?! I love that game!! Possibly one of my favourites, so many memories of that game..

Anyway, can't wait for this one!
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Final Fantasy XIII Versus.
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