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 The Ethics of Discrimination

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The Ethics of Discrimination Empty
PostSubject: The Ethics of Discrimination   The Ethics of Discrimination EmptyThu Aug 12, 2010 9:38 am

"Discriminatory behaviours take many forms, but they all involve some form of exclusion or rejection." - The U.N. "cyberschoolbus" link:

Before I get ahead of myself... perhaps I am trying to use the "dispersal of information" method of communication, however by all means step up and challenge my statements.

I will accept any challenges to my thoughts and thought process relevant to this topic on the condition that the challenge is at least unique and not the samey rhetoric from a bag of week-old Engage in happy time.

The main point I am trying to get is that there is a value in discrimination.

Before you spout off enough pissed off words to shatter my mind into a brain slushie... Allow me to expand.

Discrimination does have various definitions...

one of them is:

2. Treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.


Allow me to magnify more on the "Treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person to which that person belongs rather than on individual merit."

For all those who can't keep up or are too drunk... I'll paraphrase.

"Treatment or thoughts in a person's favor that isn't based on their merit."

now... let's do a little thought experiment.

Take a "standard family" unit... parent(s) and kid(s). Would you expect a parent to love their child as equally as say... their neighbor's kid? What about if the neighbor kid gets good grades, is a good member of society, and contributes more to the social good? Does that mean the kid should be thrown off the acropolis like the rejected infants that weren't good enough for Sparta? If you answered "sure" then seriously reevalute your existence.

The mini-moral here that I am driving at is you can gab on and on about merits, achievements, and reason/logic... but love is not logical. Perhaps what is good or what's right... isn't always fair?

Here's another definition of discrimination for the more... academic people among us.

(Sociology) unfair treatment of a person, racial group, minority, etc.; action based on prejudice.

Again, I'll focus on the "a person" aspect.

Let's take... oh say YOU!

perhaps I may be unfair to sociology, but I don't fucking care... the pillars that hold up the ivory tower that we call "education" should stand strong against all forms of criticism.

So.. you, are a person with wants and needs.

Let's go with say romantic wants and needs. I'd say it's pretty friggin' unfair for you to turn down that one really nice boy for some other fucktard. I'd also say it was pretty wrong of you to use that one girl, but commit to a relationship with someone else who didn't deserve it...

I'm pretty sure majority are guilty of this at one point or another if we really think about it.

but where does the "prejudice" aspect come in?

2 a): preconceived judgment or opinion (2) : an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge


well... I'd say love at first sight (which some of us are guilty of) is a preconceived judgment... and it's definitely not built on sufficient knowledge. Especially if we're drunk and up for one night stands.

To Summarize class:

Logic, reason, "science", and ideas aren't the best when applied to the idea of love. While euro-centric ideas (early Greek Philosophers) try to apply such logic and reason to ethics, morals, and philosophy... I just fouled the whole thing up a little bit of my time.

Why yes... I made a general social bad thing... into a good thing.

Love is a resource that we only have so much of, after all... you only have so much energy and time you can devote, and it is a resource we don't always disburse prudently. However, we as humans have done this for quite some time and we have managed.

*end that core unfunny soapbox... and feels some pleasure from attacking old ideas*

Oh! and dear viewer... if you actually were able to get most of the weird humor and points I have, then disregard the rest... but for the rest of you, I guess I'll tell you every little funny point I made. But don't worry people! I'll give you, what I view to be funny points, in shots!

YEAH! everybody loves shots! Stayin' sharp for the ladies... or in my case... lady.

1st shot: The U.N. It's a joke... the founding statements were also a joke. It is only befitting it would remain as big a joke as ever. I wonder if they know they're taking the piss.

2nd shot: The "age of information".... Why yes... I used rather shitty dictionary websites haven't I? I just chuckle at the slight varations I find in between sites. While this case is ok... other cases may not be ok as information is a delicate thing. Which segues into...

2nd and a half shot: the limitations of YOU the reader. How you view the world and how you process information is a major limitation. If philosophers weren't dependent on a reader... I'm sure a good amount would (or at least should) be silent. The great ones are only as great as the people remember or view them.

3rd shot: Euro-centricism and society's irrational value of academics. I dunno if it's still true, but I heard SAT scores are better indicators of your family's financial position as oppose to your actual intelligence. I love how we in a Western Society are so quick to reach into the used bag of tricks from Ancient Greece and so on. Honestly, why? Yes they came up with great ideas... but they were a pretty flawed society. If you disagree with me, then I'm going to have to ask if you endorse pedophilia and then kindly ask you to step outside.

4th shot: At love itself. Don't worry, I still am a bit of a flint hearted SOB. Make no mistakes about it, while I may love dearly... I know love can be a cruel and utterly stupid thing. It could be like a magestic Dodo bird in your room. It's amazing because it's been viewed as extinct... but I'm sure it would tear up your room and make a mess.

5th shot: Academia again... or in this case Sociology. Now, I honestly thought Sociology was a potential academic area to jump into. Sure some of the focus is on the macro and competent readers should think I was too hard on the old girl. But here's the thing... the micro... the individual agency and choice is what helps build the macro. With a little thing like love, I have just ruined the whole "empirical investigation" and what's left for people to do in terms of critical analysis?

6th shot: this will connect shots 5 and 2. Whatever academic endeavor we choose to do... if it's scientific... the nagging problem of set limitations such as language will always be there. Sure a word is a little problem, but little problems can add up quickly if people aren't careful when it comes to ideas and the dispersal of them as well as meanings. Perhaps I'm being reactionary to the more "mathematical" information I've been displayed lately by school and the media.

Forgive me for a shitty Philosophy Thread (that majority of you won't care about... let alone comprehend). Hasn't been the first time, won't be the last. There's a chance I made more little funny (in my mind) jokes.. but I'm a bit tired.

I think I covered a decent amount of points... without being TOO spread thin. Sure my ending was shit... but what do you want from me? I'm trying to disperse information to you all.

In closing my friends,

as irrational as it is... love anyways.
hate will only get you so far and you'll die. If you're gonna die, you might as well at least smile and enjoy some things. While reason and exercising intelligence is fine, it also is a waste. While I do not want to be campy and say, "love is without boundries"... the love, time, energy, and resources we have are clearly limited, but thus far it would appear it has shattered empirical analysis.

Or perhaps I'm the last Dodo bird of a bygone era. Perhaps I will have challenged you to succeed and produce consistent statistical data and find empirical evidence that quantifies an individual's capacity.

Now... let us converse.

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The Ethics of Discrimination
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