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 Okami; Amaterasu.

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Have you ever played Okami?
Yes, I have played Okami, but I lost interest in playing it.
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Yes, I have played Okami, it was (and still is) an amazing game!
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No, I haven't played Okami, but it sparks my interest.
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No, I haven't played Okami, and I don't intend to play it whatsoever.
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Okami; Amaterasu. Empty
PostSubject: Okami; Amaterasu.   Okami; Amaterasu. EmptyWed Feb 16, 2011 5:24 pm

Okami; Amaterasu. Okamilogo

Okami; Amaterasu. 182881_181896401846538_100000785382607_354438_1297907_n

History: Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神/天照大御神) originally existed on the Celestial Plain, watching over the Celestials and the mortal world as a protector deity. Alongside Waka, she battled True Orochi, the eight-headed serpent who attacked and wreaked havoc upon the Celestial Plain. Entangled in the creature's great body, she and True Orochi fell down to the human world together. Meanwhile, Waka and the remaining Celestials fled into the Ark of Yamato, where all except Waka perished to an ambush of demons led by Yami, the Emperor of Darkness. During the chaos, Waka crashed the Ark into Nippon, unintentionally unleashing the horde of dark creatures upon the land of mortals. When Waka found Amaterasu again, he told her of a prophecy that had come to him in a vision; True Orochi could only be defeated by the Chosen One, a human named Nagi. Amaterasu believed Waka's words, despite the damage he had caused, and waited patiently for Nagi's birth.

With each passing year, True Orochi dined on another maiden from Kamiki Village during the annual festival. Before every festival, Amaterasu appeared around the village in the form of a white wolf. The villagers assumed her to be True Orochi's familiar, naming her Shiranui and treating her with anger and fear. Nagi often attempted to challenge her, only to be thwarted when "Shiranui" fled the scene. Eventually, enraged by True Orochi choosing Nami, whom he loved, to be the 100th sacrifice, Nagi fought True Orochi, and through his combined efforts with "Shiranui", he was able to seal Orochi away. "Shiranui", however, apparently died from poisoned wounds inflicted during the battle. Taken back to the village, she was hailed as a hero, and a statue was built in her honor. It was within this statue that her weakened spirit resided for the next 100 years, later to be resurrected by Sakuya.

Okami; Amaterasu. 180940_181876371848541_100000785382607_354300_544487_n

Personality: Amaterasu is in keeping with her wolf nature; gentle, loving, utterly loyal to her friends, and mostly fearless but crushing and relentless towards those with evil in their hearts. She at times falls asleep when people have long talks with her and this may be interpreted as her being easily bored. Perhaps due to Issun's encouragement of "Leap before you think.", she may have become more brash when dealing with certain situations.She always growls in a battle especially in boss battles.

Main Story: The main story of the game begins one hundred years after Shiranui's death. When Nagi's descendant, Susano, removes the ancient sword Tsukuyomi that had sealed Orochi away, Orochi wastes no time in taking over Nippon once again. Sakuya, a tree spirit, revives Amaterasu's spirit from where it was sleeping within the statue of "Shiranui", awakening her in order to prevent evil from spreading further. However, when Amaterasu was defeated a century ago, her celestial brush powers had scattered, leaving her drastically weakened and with only her original ability - Sunrise - to aid her. Furthermore, the peoples' faith in the gods had dwindled, leaving her even weaker. It is never shown whether or not Ammy has any memory of events before her death.

Together with Issun, a Poncle, Amaterasu sets off to restore the land to its original beauty and banish the darkness. Throughout her journey, Amaterasu is reunited with many of her powers, and gradually regains people's faith in the form of Praise. Waka challenges her to a duel twice appalled by the atrophy her divine power has suffered. Eventually Amaterasu and Issun come to Kusa Village, where they meet Princess Fuse. She tells them of Kusa Village's plight, and how the Gale Shrine, the huge windmill that kept monsters away from Kusa Village, has been taken over by Crimson Helm, a beast that emerged from Orochi's blood when Orochi was killed 100 years ago. The Princess then asks Amaterasu to find the 8 Canine Warriors, who, united, have the power to defeat Orochi.

Amaterasu finds 8, but only 5 of them return, the other 3 having found their way into other villages and wishing to stay with those they have met there. Amaterasu does bring back the 3 power orbs used by the Canine Warriors, and these three combine with the other 5 to form the fully powered ring. The orbs choose Amaterasu over the Canine Warriors as the one to defeat Crimson Helm, and they open the way to the Gale Shrine for Amaterasu. After restoring the divine wind at the top of the Gale Shrine, Amaterasu encounters and defeats Crimson Helm, with Susano making an appearance to land the final blow. After a shadowy apparition of Orochi appears and frightens Susano off, Waka appears and steals the Serpent Crystal and heads off to the Moon Cave, in hopes of defeating Orochi himself.

However, the process isn't so simple. Orochi tries to resurrect the rite of passage and chooses Kushi as his sacrifice. Amaterasu is annoyed with this pick and takes Kushi to the Moon Cave, where after a brief encounter with Waka, she, Issun, and Kushi are sealed inside the Moon Cave, Kushi being held personally by Orochi as supper. Amaterasu travels through the Moon Cave, and, with the help of Susano, manages to defeat Orochi. She then continues her journey through Nippon, regaining more of her brush techniques, and further restoring people's faith and the lands, defeating notorious enemies such as Blight, Ninetails, and Lechku & Nechku Finally, she finds herself in Kamui at the Ark of Yamato.

Issun tries to board the Ark, only to be repelled by an invisible barrier that knocks him into Laochi Lake. Waka reveals that only those with resolve are allowed to enter and taunts Issun by telling him that he "never had a ticket and never will." With those words, Waka vanishes into the interior of the Ark. Amaterasu is forced inside as the door closes, despite her efforts to keep Issun in her sight.

After defeating The Spider Queen, Ninetails, True Orochi, Blight, and Crimson Helm for a second time, a portal in the center of the Ark appears. Amaterasu enters it and is teleported to the roof of the Ark, where she comes upon Waka attacking Yami to no avail.
Then, she finally faces off against her opposite, Yami, who she has been locked in war with since time began, neither side remaining victorious or defeated for long. At the very beginning of the fight, Yami takes away all of Amaterasu's brush powers, rendering her a mere white wolf. Yami tries to finish her off, but is blocked by Waka, who sacrifices himself to save the wolf, giving her one last request to set the celestial plain in order.

After an intense battle and recovering all her brush techniques, Amaterasu finally knocks Yami down. But Yami doesn't stay defeated for once, and while Amaterasu is performing her victory howl, grabs her from behind and destroys her brush techniques and the constellations.

It is revealed that Issun, finally realizing his destiny as a Celestial Envoy, spread paintings of Amaterasu all over Nippon to restore the people's belief in her. Galvanized by Issun's heartfelt and powerful brushwork, everyone offers up a sincere prayer for Amaterasu; this sudden influx of faith restores Amaterasu to her peak power and gives her the strength to defeat Yami. She does so, and "annihilates Yami for all eternity." Waka then returns to the battle scene on some sort of flying saucer, revealing that he didn't die, but was just knocked off the edge of the platform that the battle had taken place on.
Amaterasu and Waka then return to the Celestial Plain to restore it, and finally bring peace and harmony back to the world.

Okami; Amaterasu. 622px-Amaterasu

Appearance: Amaterasu appears as a white wolf with the red markings and wind-like finials characteristic of the gods in Okami. These markings are invisible to most humans. As Shiranui, her red markings were more pronounced and more numerous and she had sparkling light tendrils. These features are absent for the duration of the game due to Amaterasu's weakened state, but are restored for the final battle against Yami after Issun creates a swell of faith in the people of Nippon. To ordinary humans she appears as an ordinary white wolf, but people who have a strong belief in the gods (like Kushi or Camellia) can see Amaterasu's red markings and Divine Instrument.
Strangely, whenever Amaterasu absorbs a new Celestial Brush Technique the mane of fur and her Solar Flare Reflector briefly appear around her. It also appears briefly when she gains new Divine Instruments (but only if they are gained after beating bosses) except with a gold-orange colouration. This could represent Amaterasu's powers returning to their former strength.

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Okami; Amaterasu.
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