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 Forum Rules. (read)

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Creator Genesis
Creator Genesis

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Forum Rules. (read) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules. (read)   Forum Rules. (read) EmptySun Mar 21, 2010 8:52 pm

Forum Creator: Leirelle

Forum Administrators: Oli:)

Forum Moderators: Hitmonlee

1. Do NOT flame new forum users for posting in the wrong thread. Please ask them to post in the proper forum from now on without insulting them.

(example: A new forum users posts their introduction in the Gen Diss forum, instead of yelling at them and calling them stupid or anything else of that nature, just ask them to delete it and post it in the newbies forum, where it belongs.)

2. Do NOT post any pictures that contain nudity, self harm, extremely gruesome scenes, are racist or just very offensive in nature.

(explanation: no female nipples, no anus, no penis, no scrotum, no vagina, no cutting, no suicide, no bodily insides or fluids covering a person or thing, no pictures that are degrading to any race)

3. Do NOT make any racist remarks.

(explanation: do not make any remarks, or post any jokes, that are offensive to any race)

4. Please check all current threads before making one so see if your idea has already been discussed.

(explanation: if there is already a thread open that is about what you were going to post, please post in that thread rather than start a new one)

5. Do NOT start a fight in any thread as soon as it's opened, or as your first post in the thread. State opinions and differences in an intelligent manner. Give thread starters an opportunity to correct mistakes before insulting them.

(explanation: do not start flaming a thread maker as your first post in a thread. If it is an idiotic thread, you may state so, and even give reasons why, but do not continue to go back in an attempt to start a fight. Try to state all opinions and differences in a way that shows maturity, creativity and wit. If you find a problem in a thread, please let the thread starter know and give them a chance to correct the problem before flaming them for it. If you notice that a person has already notified the thread maker of a problem, please do not point it out again, but still give them the opportunity to fix it.)

6. When posting a link to a picture or video that might be considered offensive or gruesome to other users, please give them ample warning of it. Do not post links to pictures or videos that contain nudity.

(explanation: if you post a link to a video that shows a human or animal getting purposely hurt, post a warning about "possible gruesome content" in the same post as the link)

7. If a thread maker asks for his/her thread to not go off topic, do not take it there. All posts made within that thread that are not directly related will be deleted.

(explanation: One should not be necessary and if it is, please ask an admin to elaborate.)

Thanks for reading.

- Creature.
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Forum Rules. (read)
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