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 Being a couple.

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Being a couple. Empty
PostSubject: Being a couple.   Being a couple. EmptySun Apr 04, 2010 6:46 pm

When you think about what it takes for two people to agree that they want to be together, it is a miracle that there is a thing called a relationship.
Many of your happiest memories will be those moments when the person you liked returned those feelings and you suddenly found yourself "involved" with someone. But like everything else in life, the fantasy is usually better than the reality, and with this new experience comes many new problems.
The best advice I can give you is to remember that relationships can bring you great happiness but also great pain. It all goes with the territory. But with all the heartache a relationship entails, it is still a wonderful and precious thing.
That is why the most famous relationship quote is one that reminds us,"It is better to have loved and lost that never to have loved at all."
I believe that one of our main goals as humans is to learn how to give and receive love. If we remember to always learn from what happens, then we will always be able to look at love and say,"It was worth every minute. The happiness and the pain were like exercises for my heart, each time leaving it in better shape than before."
Many times, you heard of people say a relationship takes commitment. This is often taken to mean that in order for it to work, you must promise to love the person forever and always. I think that the kind of commitment that is needed is one that says:

I am willing to learn from my mistakes.
I am willing to look at both sides of the situation.
I will communicate honestly and respectfully.
And the big one...
I will take responsibility for my part in this.

Now I know that this sounds very grown-up, but relationships are grown-up stuff. It is just that even at a young age of mine, I think that I am ready for this.

Some general advice:
Enjoy the ride.
Listen to your heart.
Nobody is worth giving up your values for.
Friends will be around long after boyfriends or girlfriends.
You probably won't marry your first love.
You probably will think you will.
As much as love hurts, it also heals.
Love yourself in order to love others properly.
Be kind to your own heart and to the hearts of others.
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Being a couple.
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